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Refining and Product Application

Downstream connects! The Processing and Application Department is a unique network of industry and science - industry-wide and cross-sector. For refineries and pipeline companies we offer a neutral platform for scientific/technical exchange. Around 1,000 members annually are active in the downstream sector to jointly develop technical solutions.

The committees and working groups are the heart of the department's work.

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Your Contact to the DGMK Office

Jan Ludzay

Head of the Refining and Product Application Department

Nadine Ludzay

Coordination Refining and Product Application

Joint Research

We coordinate around 30 research projects per year. The members of the committees shape the diverse range of topics. Within the framework of joint research, we link refineries, pipeline operators, petrochemical companies, manufacturers of vehicle engines, drive technology, heating technology, suppliers, process technology, tools and development service providers with the research institutions.

In the product area, the focus is on research into CO2-neutral fuels for mobility and heat supply as well as lubricant applications for e-mobility.

The other core topics range from process and occupational safety with incident statistics and joint derivation of measures to issues in logistics, such as soil compaction via long-distance pipelines.


We are linked to other innovation networks. These include

  • FVV Research Association for Combustion Engines e.V.
  • FVA Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e.V.
  • Composites United Leichtbau-Forschung gGmbH
  • GfT Society for Tribology
  • Research Association for Pigments and Coatings e.V.

We publish the results of our projects as DGMK research reports.

Further information on research funding in the field of processing and application can be found here:


In addition to the 20 or so internal events we organise for the committees, we also hold public events.

Therefore IGF

In spring and autumn, we bring together the experts of the project-accompanying committees of the BMWi-funded research projects. The six events for this are open to members and interested parties to find out about current research on future liquid energy sources in mobility and the space heating market or on coolants and lubricants for future applications.

Traditionally in November we organise the DGMK annual meeting of analysts and offer experts a scientific/technical platform to discuss current questions and problems from an analytical point of view and to present possible solutions.


The Technical Committee for Petroleum Pipelines is a supporter of the Pipeline Technology Conference, which is organised annually by EITEP. The conference offers operators, technology and service providers the opportunity to exchange the latest onshore and offshore technologies and new developments.

Every two years, the Lubricants Expert Committee co-organises the Tribology symposium, which is organized under the leadership of the Society for Tribology (GfT).

Head of Division

Jens Müller-Belau

Deutsche Shell Holding GmbH


Fabiola Hernandez

TotalEnergies Deutschland GmbH

Edwin Leber

Representative of the Mittelstand

UNITI-Kraftstoff GmbH

Dr. Norbert Neumann

BP Europa SE

Dr. Otmar Schneider

Representative of the ÖGEW

OMV Downstream GmbH
Raffinerie Schwechat

Ralf Seid

Gunvor Raffinerie Ingolstadt GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Peter Seifried

Verband Schmierstoff-Industrie e.V.