Technical Committee
Mineral Oil Pipelines

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The Committee has been active since 1970. It deals with all technical issues relating to crude oil and product pipelines.

The exchange of information and experience is by its very nature conducted across borders and takes place at the biannual meetings. Open questions are introduced into the DGMK collective research.


  • Measures for the Prevention of Alternating Current Corrosion
  • Use of Flow Improvers in Crude Oil Pipelines
  • Durability of Mineral Oil Pipelines
  • Effects of the Energy System Transformation on Pipelines
  • Systems to Prevent Third Party Interference with Pipeline Systems
  • Dynamic Compaction Methods in Road Construction in the Area of Pipelines

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Head of the Refining and Product Application Department

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BIL - Nationwide Information System for Pipeline Search

The DGMK specialist committee for mineral oil pipelines supports the initiative of BIL, the nationwide information system for pipeline research.

BIL is an important factor in supporting the safety and performance maintenance of the line-related infrastructure in Germany. In order to protect the pipelines from external influences, information on the exact location of the pipelines is necessary for the planning and execution of construction work in the area of pipelines. BIL enables the construction industry to obtain comprehensive information on the pipelines of our members participating in BIL quickly and easily via an online portal.

By the way, BIL does not only provide information on the route of the pipelines of its members, but also answers with only one inquiry to all lines of numerous other pipeline operators organized in BIL.

This service is free of charge for you!


Pipeline Technology Conference

The Technical Committee regularly participates as a supporter in the Pipeline Technology Conference organized by EITEP. With more than 60 participating countries, the ptc has long been a unique meeting place for the exchange of operator know-how across national borders and continents.

The results of the ptc are transferred to the ptc Pipeline Open Knowledge Base. The database is freely accessible via the ptc website.