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FAM Committee for the Standardisation of Petroleum, Fuels, Lubricants and Related Products

The Technical Committee on Petroleum and Fuel Standardization (FAM) of the Standards Committee for Materials Testing (NMP) is a department of the NMP at DIN. It operates in accordance with DIN guidelines. In accordance with the agreement between DIN and DGMK of 16.02.1978, the office of FAM is affiliated organizationally, financially and in terms of personnel with DGMK Deutsche Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Energieträger, Mobilität und Kohlenstoffkreisläufe e.V. in Hamburg.

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Contact in the office

Dr. Jürgen Fischer

Executive Director of the FAM Committee for the Standardisation of Petroleum, Fuels, Lubricants and Related Products

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Standardisation Work

The FAM is responsible for the development and maintenance of standards in the field of petroleum products and related products, i.e. for fuels, lubricants, special products and other bio-based fuels falling within this scope, mostly politically promoted, such as "biodiesel" or ethanol. The standardisation work comprises requirement standards with the associated test standards, basic standards and also other test methods that can be used more generally. Furthermore, existing standards must be adapted to the current state of the art and new standards must be developed according to current requirements, so that sufficiently reliable testing of biocomponents and their mixtures with fossil components can be conducted.

The focus of standardisation is increasingly on the European (CEN) and international (ISO) areas. Further references can be found in the FAM annual report and in the monthly communications on standardisation in oil, natural gas and coal. In addition to the maintenance of the entire stock of standards, the preparation, revision and adoption of about 200 standards per year as well as the withdrawal of outdated standards, and the replacement of national standards by European and international standards are currently in progress.

Further information can be found on the external web pages of the FAM Technical Committee for Mineral Oil and Fuel Standardisation: