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Research Funding in the DGMK

With our offer we create a bridge between science and practice. In our projects, companies from the oil and gas industry work together with universities and research institutes. Thereby we maintain the probably most extensive R&D network on oil and gas in the German-speaking area.

Our research projects are financed exclusively by industry and/or public research funds, which we apply for separately for each project. The DGMK has no fixed research budget. Through our departments we support applicants in applying for research funds, and take over the tasks of project coordination.

We publish the results of our research in the series of DGMK research reports, in which over 500 volumes have already been published.


Joint Research

With our joint research, we are pursuing three main objectives:

1. We want to contribute to the general success of the industry with the findings, developments, and innovations from our research.

2. The exchange of information and knowledge between industrial companies and universities should provide impulses for creative solutions to technical and scientific challenges.

3. The participants educate themselves further through the project work and transfer their knowledge to their companies and institutes

The DGMK's departments are responsible for joint research. The department responsible for each field of work coordinates the technical-scientific cooperation.
The topics of our joint research are defined by the focal points of the departments.

AiF Membership

DGMK Deutsche Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Energieträger, Mobilität und Kohlenstoffkreisläufe e.V. is a member of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF).

The AiF is an industry-based organisation with the aim of initiating research for small and medium-sized enterprises, qualifying young scientists and specialists in innovative fields, and organising the exchange of information on the results of scientific research. It has a unique infrastructure for the transfer of knowledge to companies: With around 100 research associations from a wide range of industrial sectors and fields of technology, several thousand research projects are managed each year. With more than 1,200 integrated research centres, the AiF spans a nationwide network in which knowledge for innovations is generated.

The heart of the AiF is the Industrial Collective Research (IGF). It builds a bridge between basic research and economic application. Here, new technologies are processed for entire industry sectors, and often even across different branches. Companies accompany the research, which is oriented towards their needs and interests. The IGF is part of the the Federal Government's High-Tech Strategy 2025 and serves industrial research for small and medium-sized enterprises.

As a member of the AiF, the DGMK is entitled to apply for research funds in the IGF with its own projects.

Further information on the AiF and the IGF can be found on the website of the AiF .

Research Funding in the Departments

On the pages of the departments you can learn more about the individual research topics, the application procedures, and the contact persons at the DGMK office.