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Conversion of Carbon Carriers

The major industrial nations are now facing the challenge of achieving CO₂ neutrality across all economic sectors in the foreseeable future. Carbon compounds from fossil resources are not only important energy sources for heat, electricity and transport. Carbon compounds have become an integral part of modern everyday life. Today, plastics, medicines, cosmetics, clothing or paints are mostly based on petroleum products. When these products are consumed and disposed of, the bound carbon is released into the atmosphere as CO₂. In the future, these carbon cycles are ought to be closed by processing biomasses, sewage sludge, residues and CO₂ from industrial processes or the atmosphere and synthesising them with hydrogen from renewable energies to CO₂-neutral products.

The process chain consisting of preparation and drying, thermochemical conversion, gas preparation and synthesis is in principle already known from coal refining. Research into coal refinement began over 100 years ago in Germany and has been an integral part of the DGMK since its foundation. Thereby the knowledge of the processes for the conversion of carbon carriers and the potential for material use had been retained within the DGMK for decades.

Today, the Department of Carbon Conversion sees its task in disseminating this knowledge in order to scientifically support the changeover from the use of carbon from fossil to renewable sources. For that purpose we host a bi-yearly symposium on the converson of carbon carriers.

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The Division Management and the Carbon Conversion Committee organise a public technical-scientific symposium and a workshop for members and invited guests every year.