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DGMK-Project Pipelines

Wind Turbines Near to Safety-Relevant Installations

2019 - 2021
Research Center
Dr.-Ing. Veenker Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
Project Accompaniment
The project is assigned to the DGMK Technical Committee for Mineral Oil Pipelines, which sends a representative to the advisory board of Dr.-Ing. Veenker Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH.
Reason and Goal

Wind turbines can represent a safety risk. In the vicinity of objects of protection, such as pipelines and stations of the gas and mineral oil industry or in densely built-up areas, this safety risk is relevant for assessment.


Under the lead management of Enercon GmbH and in close cooperation with affected associations and organisations, Dr.-Ing. Veenker Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH prepared a comprehensive wind turbine general report, most recently in 2016, in which the risk to protected objects from wind turbines with hub heights of 60 m to 150 m and a capacity of 0.5 MW to 8.0 MW. was assessed. According to Veenker, a new edition is necessary, as the probability of accidents has changed and new generations of wind turbines have been installed.


The expert opinion is available in revision 09.