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DGMK-Project Fuel Oils

Influence of Evaporation Behaviour of Liquid Fuels on the Tendency to Coking on Wetted Surfaces

Research Center
OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut gGmbH, Sebastian Feldhoff
University of Rostock, Institute for Chemistry
Department of Technical and Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Thorsten Streibel
IGF Plan
18675 N
Reason and Goal

The use of new technologies for regenerative energy supply and improved thermal insulation standards have led to lower heating requirements in the space heating sector. This has changed the demands on modern burner technologies. In the future, burner concepts will be required which, among other things, fulfil the following characteristics: High power density and high modulation capability when using a wide variety of fuels (e.g. HEL S-arm, HEL A, HEL A Bio). However, there is currently no uniform model concept for the evaporation behaviour of multi-component fuels under combustion conditions. The aim is the development of a reproducible method for characterising the evaporation behaviour of liquid multi-component fuels with biogenic components which can be presented under laboratory conditions.


In the project, a methodology for characterising the evaporation behaviour (boiling, evaporation) of liquid fuels under application-oriented conditions is to be developed, which can be reproducibly applied under laboratory conditions. For this purpose, the evaporation behaviour on fuel-wetted surfaces will be investigated, whereby the fuel-specific changes will be recorded analytically and a model of the evaporation behaviour will be developed. In addition, a database of fuel properties relevant for technical applications and under consideration of damage mechanisms caused by deposit formation mechanisms will be established. Furthermore, an evaporation model for fuels will be developed.


The project was completed with the publication of the DGMK research report.

Samples of fuels are artificially aged in climate chambers at temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius and tested for their long-term stability. (Photo: OWI)
OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut gGmbH An-Institute of the RWTH Aachen

Project Status


Research Report
50,00 €
Project Chairperson

Lambert Lucks


Project Coordinator

Jan Ludzay

Head of the Refining and Product Application Department

Nadine Ludzay



IGF - Industrial Collective Research

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)