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DGMK-Project Process Safety

Burning Behavior of Petroleum Products with Flashpoint > 55 °C

2017 to 2018
Research Center
PTB Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Dr. Sabine Zakel, Dr. Dirk-Hans Frobese, Thomas Stolz
Project Accompaniment
UTV Independent Tank Farm Association
DGMK Technical Committee Process Safety (tw.)
Reason and Goal

The regulatory requirements for fire protection in plants for the storage of flammable liquids have increased continuously in recent years. According to TRGS 509, liquids with a flash point of up to 370 °C are considered "flammable" and fire protection measures are therefore required with regard to their storage. The same set of rules includes in chapter 3 the instrument of "risk assessment", which the operator of a system for storing flammable liquids can use as a basis for the design of fire protection measures. The aim is to assess the fire hazard in warehouses with mineral oil products that have a flash point > 55°C.


For selected products the parameters flash point, lower explosion point, and fire point are to be determined. The evaluation of the series of measurements should make it possible to assess the fire hazard in warehouses with mineral oil products having a flash point > 55 °C.


The project was completed with the publication of the DGMK research report.

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Project Status


Project Coordinator

Jan Ludzay

Head of the Refining and Product Application Department

Nadine Ludzay