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Scientific Study on the Production of Greenhouse Gas Reduced or Greenhouse Gas Neutral Gaseous or Liquid Hydrocarbons or Energy Sources

15.12.17 – 14.12.20
Research Center
TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Institute for Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering
Dr. T. Kuchling, A. Awgustow
Project Accompaniment
DGMK Research Committee Greenhouse Gas Reduction.
Reason and Goal

At DGMK board level, a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Research Committee was set up to provide the best possible scientific support for the energy policy developments initiated by the climate targets. To support this task, a study is being prepared which will identify suitable procedures and process chains, possible raw materials and products, and evaluate them in terms of potential and social/economic significance. The study should identify possible problems and show the need for research.
The TU Bergakademie Freiberg has already prepared a short study "Production of GHG-reduced liquid fuels" on behalf of the Institut für Wärme- und Oeltechnik IWO the first half of 2017. Based on this study the TUBAF will take into consideration questions of the criteria catalogue, which was drawn up by the research committee (e.g. chances and risks, acceptance, competition of use, integrability into existing processes or plants) and which have not been considered in the DGMK study so far. In addition, further process chains for the production of gaseous products, such as hydrogen or methane, will also be considered.
For the various process chains, important parameters such as yield, energy demand, efficiency, space requirements, greenhouse gas reduction potential or costs are determined, initially on the basis of literature references, later supplemented or replaced by our own observations and calculations.


The DGMK Greenhouse Gas Reduction Committee has drawn up a catalogue of criteria for the evaluation of raw materials and processes for the production of GHG-reduced or GHG-neutral gaseous or liquid hydrocarbons or energy sources and has launched a survey on greenhouse gas reduction projects and company participation. Based on this preliminary work, the TU Bergakademie Freiberg was commissioned to prepare a DGMK study for the evaluation of research projects based on the catalogue of criteria. In its final version, the study should enable holistic system considerations.


The project has been completed. The research report has been published.

Project Status

Project Coordinator

Dr. Gesa Netzeband

Executive Director

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