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01.08.2019 | Research

Project Start: Fuels from Synthesis/ Hydrotreatment Processes

On 01.08.2019 the DGMK project 808 "Use of Alternative Fuels from Synthesis and Hydrotreatment Processes for Domestic Heat Supply in Existing Heating Technology" starts.

The aim of the research project is to examine the long-term operational safety of existing plant technology for domestic heating when using paraffinic and oxygenate fuels as a substitute for heating oil. Both the admixture and the use of pure alternative fuel are to be examined. In addition, the long-term storage stability of mixtures is to be investigated.

The work is divided into an analytical part for the characterisation of the fuel mixtures, a combustion-technical part with preliminary tests and an application-technical part for the long-term investigation of the equipment technology.

The first phase includes basic combustion engineering preliminary investigations with different admixtures of paraffinic and oxygenate fuels. These will be tested in commercially available fuel oil burners with regard to their applicability. The knowledge gained here will be transferred to the long-term tests of approx. 6,000 h. During long-term operation, the main focus is on compliance with exhaust gas emissions, sensor technology, the avoidance of material damage to e.g. plastic seals and the occurrence of deposits in fuel-carrying components.

To verify the long-term storage stability, various fuel mixtures are stored under conditions conducive to ageing. Among other things, the oxidation stability is periodically determined and visual assessments are carried out.

The expected research results include statements on long-term operational safety in the use of alternative liquid energy sources. If problems occur, e.g. with the sensor technology, the stability of the combustion or with the storage of the fuel mixtures, instructions for action will be developed to ensure trouble-free operation over the entire service life of the burner.

Research Center:

OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut gGmbH
An-Institut der RWTH Aachen