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Kuchling/TU BA Freiberg
25.11.2019 |

Energy System Transformation in Transport - Contribution of "Greenhouse Gas-Reduced Fuels"

The presentation "Energy turnaround in transport - contribution "greenhouse gas-reduced fuels" by Dr. Thomas Kuchling from the Institute for Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Freiberg, at an event organised by the DGMK Hamburg-Bremen regional group, on November 7 at Wintershall Dea in Hamburg, provided for a lively discussion.

Among other things, the presentation contained first interim results of a study, which was comissioned by the DGMK Research Committee Greenhouse Gas Reduction. The figures clearly show that greenhouse gas reduced or neutral fuels in the transport sector will be indispensable if the targeted greenhouse gas reduction of 40 % in transport is to be achieved by 2030. This includes bio-to-liquid fuels as well as e-fuels, which can be produced in the long term from renewable hydrogen and CO₂

Even assuming that very ambitious targets for electrification of the transport sector are met, the bottom line is that achieving the climate targets will require either substantial amounts of renewable fuels or significant efficiency improvements and reductions. Estimates of the market ramp-up of large-scale production of renewable fuels show that urgent action is needed.

You can download the slides for the presentation here download.

Kuchling/TU BA Freiberg

EU Referenzszenario (2016): Prognose für Entwicklung des Energiebedarfs im Verkehr. Datenquellen: European Commision: EU Reference Scenario 2016; Energy, transport and GHG emissions – Trends to 2050, 2016.