SHE Examination Questionnaire

An essential part of SCC are the requirements for the training of employees and managers of contractor companies. For example, the SCC and SCP checklists require successfully completed, recognised SHE examinations in the mandatory questions 3.2 and 3.3. In order to ensure a uniform training standard, the contents and criteria of the examinations have been determined as binding.

The SHE examination is based on the current version of the SHE examination questionnaire for operational employees and managers at an operational level.

Notes on Version 06/2017

Technical Error in Question I01-M03 in the Employee Software:

Question I01-M03 is assigned to area I02 in the employee software. It is recommended that you do not use the question in employee reviews. In the software, you can use the function "Lock question" to exclude the question when compiling workbooks.

Error in Questions I02-M08, I02-M09, I02-M10 and I02-M11:

It is recommended not to use these questions in employee and management examinations. In the software, you can use the "Lock question" function to exclude the questions when compiling exercise books.

System Requirements Software SHE Exam Questions:

System requirements: Microsoft Windows Version 7 or higher with installed .NET-Framework 4.0 (or higher), screen resolution: at least WXGA (1366x768 pixels), CD drive for installation; alternatively, the installation package can be copied to the PC via network or USB drives, for accredited bodies: Internet connection (for transmitting the results).

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