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SHE Examination for Operational Employees and Managers at the Operational Level

An essential part of SCC are the requirements for the training of employees and managers of contractor companies. For example, the SCC and SCP checklists require successfully completed, recognized SHE examinations for the mandatory questions 3.2 and 3.3. In order to ensure a uniform training standard, the contents and criteria of the examinations have been laid down in a binding manner. The following table provides an overview.

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Document 016 explains question 3.2 of the SCC and SCP checklist for internal SHE training and testing of contractors' operational staff, according to which SHE training and testing may be carried out in-house, if it is carried out by a person who can verify their qualification as an occupational safety specialist. SHE examinations passed in accordance with Document 016 are generally not accepted outside Germany (especially in the Netherlands and Belgium).

In some cases, clients demand an audit acceptance by external personnel auditing organisations. There are also companies that would like to have the audits of their operational staff carried out externally on their own initiative.

In order to be able to meet such requirements and demands systematically, the possibility of an optional audit by personnel audit organisations as set out in Document 018 has been created.

The SHE audit of managers at an operational level is generally carried out externally by a personnel audit organisation using document 017.

The basis in each case is the current version of the SHE examination catalogue for operational employees and managers at an operational level.

Entry Requirements Document 018 and Document 017

Participation in the SHE examination and the award of the certificate is subject to entry requirements. In the case of examination acceptance by DAkkS-accredited personnel examination organisations, these are set out in the normative document Personnel Certification Operative Personnel in the SHE Sector.