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Production of Greenhouse Gas-Reduced or Greenhouse Gas-Neutral Gaseous and Liquid Fuels

The use of fuels that are compatible with the existing infrastructure and technology and at the same time have a low or, optimally, no greenhouse gas footprint is an important and arguably indispensable complement to the electrification of the relevant sectors on the path to a greenhouse gas-neutral society.

Within the framework of the project, suitable manufacturing processes and process chains, possible raw materials and products were to be identified and evaluated in terms of potential and social/economic significance using a catalogue of criteria compiled by the DGMK. Possible problems were to be identified and any existing need for research pointed out.

For the different process chains, key parameters such as yield, energy demand, efficiency, land use, greenhouse gas reduction potential or costs were determined, initially on the basis of literature data, later supplemented or replaced by own considerations and calculations. Modular calculation models were developed for this purpose. The aim was to choose the level of detail as fine as necessary and as coarse as possible and thus to enable a comparable procedure and approach for all process chains.

The present study scientifically accompanies and supports the work of the DGMK Research Committee on Greenhouse Gas Reduction.

The report to the Project 815 is also in english version download:

Production of Greenhouse Gas-reduced or Greenhouse Gas-neutral Gaseous and Liquid Fuels

TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institut für Energieverfahrenstechnik und Chemieingenieurwesen
Dipl.-Ing. Andrej Awgustow
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kuchling
Prof. Dr. rer.nat. habil. Sven Kureti
German and English
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