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Technical Committee Lubricants

Investigation of Lubrication and Load-Carrying Capacity of Gears Lubricated with High Consistency Gear Greases

This research project gives an initial overview of the lubrication of spur gear drives with greases NLGI 1 and 2 concerning lubrication supply, efficiency and load-carrying capacity of gears. Based on rheological and tribological investigations, the film formation properties of different model greases, which are based on different base oils and thickener types, are investigated in an EHL-tribometer. Basic studies at different operating conditions and fillings were performed in a FZG back-to-back test rig analyzing lubrication supply, efficiency and load-carrying capacity. Based on these results of comprehensive investigations with greases NLGI 1/2 in the FZG back-to-back test rig, two different lubrication supply mechanisms can be basically defined: Channelling and Circulating. Whether Channelling or Circulating occurs, depends on different factors like the interaction of torque, speed, filling level and type of grease. Based on the experimental results, recommendations are made for gear and gearbox design for grease lubrication with NLGI 1/2.

The IGF project (15883 N) of the Research Association for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Coal was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology via the AiF within the framework of the programme for the promotion of joint industrial research and development (IGF) on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag.

Johann-Paul Stemplinger, Thomas Tobie, Klaus Michaelis, Karsten Stahl, Bernd-Robert Höhn
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