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Technical Committee Automotive Fuels

Cold Flow Performance of Diesel Fuel and Winter Operability of Diesel Passenger Cars: Fuel Variation

The effect of the fuel and vehicle technology on the cold operability was determined in Part 1 of DGMK Project 764, on which fuel producers and additive producers collaborated together. Whereas different vehicles were considered in Part 1, Part 2 focuses on variation of the diesel fuels. The test fuels were selected so that the logistics within the market were covered. Based on the results of the first part of the project, vehicle G was selected as the test vehicle for further investigations in Part 2. The investigated test fuels were described in a comprehensive laboratory programme. The crystallization behaviour was also investigated in the project. In a comprehensive vehicle programme, the test fuels were tested with vehicle G on a climatised chassis dynamometer. The cold operability test (COT), developed in Part 1 of DGMK Project 764, was used with modifications. Differing opinions were expressed in the project group regarding evaluation of some of the tests. The results are thus evaluated in the report on two levels and the results of the two, equally valid, evaluation strategies are presented next to each other.

German and English version in one report.

Ingo Helms, Peter Hirsch, Jan Ludzay, Franz Marinitsch, Dr. Ingo Mikulic, Dr. Oliver van Rheinberg
German/ English
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