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TU Clausthal
20.07.2022 | DGMK-News, Research, Publications

Research report published: Literature study - The application possibilities and added value of artificial intelligence (AI) using the example of an oil field.

The DGMK project 849 addresses the identification of artificial intelligence applications for use in maturen oil fields through a literature review. The evaluation of the applicability and usefulness of these applications were carried out on the example of one field. The literature review closely follows the methods of Kuhrmann et al. for pragmatic design of literature studies. Seven themes were defined and a total of 3531 literature posts were collected. These posts were reduced in several steps to 651 relevant papers. From these papers, it was possible to select seven applications that have a high relevance to the oilfield under consideration. These applications are described and evaluated in detail in the following report. As a result of the study, we recommend the in-depth investigation and implementation of the applications Determination of borehole conditions based on dynamometer maps as well as Generation of dynamometer maps from energy data. Both applications promise high impact and rely on sensor technology and infrastructure that either already exists in the field (POC) or is planned for immediate installation (smart meter).

The applications described are generally relevant to any mature oil field. However, the available sensor technology can also make other applications for different fields even more interesting.

The study is based on a specific oil field selected by experts as a representative example of a matures oil field. For confidentiality reasons, the name of the field is not mentioned in this report.

The research report has been published and can be downloaded directly.