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01.03.2021 | Research, Publications

Research report published: Development of diesel fuel quality in Germany

The continuous and effective adaptation of fuel to constantly changing conditions caused by application technology, environmental protection and politics leads to continuous research activities and improvement of fuel quality. No end has yet been reached in this dynamic, as demonstrated by the modern developments in the engine application area, the introduction of particularly high-quality diesel grades and of alternative diesel components in recent years.

After DGMK had last carried out an extensive investigation of diesel fuels in 2002, the DGMK Technical Committees Fuels and Analytics have published the new edition in cooperation. In the project, which was financed by industry, 13 samples each of summer and winter quality of commercially available diesel fuel from eleven German refineries and two samples of imported goods were analyzed. The properties required by DIN EN 590 for diesel fuels were determined, as well as other physical and chemical parameters that are not required by DIN EN 590.

DGMK Research Report 821 has been published under the title "Composition of Diesel Fuels 2019/2020" and can be ordered directly from DGMK.

821 Composition of diesel fuels 2019/2020

150,00 €