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26.05.2020 | Research, Publications

Research Report Published: Criteria Catalogue for Additives in Diesel Fuel

Refineries fortify diesel fuel with lubricity additives and/or MDFI / WASA / WAFI additives in order to comply with the requirements of DIN EN 590 regarding lubricity and cold-flow properties. There is a criteria catalogue that is used for testing these additives and for avoiding undesirable side effects in diesel fuel. This criteria catalogue was coordinated by the mineral oil and additive industry and was published in 2017 as DGMK Research Report 787. This has been supplemented and additional details have been added based on recent experience. This report replaces the previous criteria catalogue.

It was published as DGMK Research Report 787-1 entitled "Criteria Catalogue for Additives in Diesel Fuel (Lubricity und Cold-FlowAdditives) for Refinery Use".

It is available in German and English (in one volume) and can be ordered from the DGMK.

The report replaces the previous Criteria Catalogue

787-1 Criteria Catalogue for Additives in Diesel Fuel (Lubricity and Cold-Flow Additives) for Refinery Use

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