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27.03.2019 | Research, Publications

Research Report on Bimetallic Corrosion Under Oilfield Conditions Published

Researchers from the Institut für Instandhaltung und Korrosionstechnik in Iserlohn have examined materials and material combinations for their corrosion behaviour. In the process, ambient conditions were created that are typically found in oil and gas production: a salty ambient medium, freedom from oxygen, the presence of dissolved carbon dioxide and temperatures between 22 and 120 °C. A special feature of the project was the examination of the corrosion behavior of the metallic materials in relation to graphite, which is regularly used as a sealing material.

With the results of DGMK project 797 the behaviour of the investigated materials under sweet gas corrosion conditions can be better predicted. The effective corrosion risk can be estimated reliably and taken into account when selecting materials.

DGMK Research Report 797 has been published in German language and can now be downloaded directly from the DGMK or can be purchased through the book trade.