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TU Clausthal
23.02.2023 | Research, Publications

Research Report on Project 844 "Experimental Analyses of, Conformance-Control' Methods" published.

The DGMK research report on project 844 'Experimental analyses of, conformance control' methods -Shut-off mechanisms for water flow in reservoirs' was published.

Here is a brief overview:

In this project DGMK 844, the previous research on conformance control was expanded to include the method of microfluidics. In the first part of the project, the findings on and around conformance control were brought up to date in an intensive literature search. In the second work package, new micromodels were designed and manufactured. These exhibit features in their structure commonly found in reservoirs with degraded conformance. One edition of the models has fractures in its structure, while another has layers of high and low permeability. Various products such as polymers, gels and so-called Relative Permeability Modifiers (RPMs) are used to mitigate conformance problems. Examples of this are used in work packages 3 and 4 both in core floods and in micromodels.