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OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut gGmbH An-Institute of the RWTH Aachen
02.07.2019 | Research

Project Start: Practical Test for Heating Oil Additives

The DGMK project 792 "Development of a No-Harm Practical Test to Prevent Side-Effects of Additives in Heating Oil" started on 01.04.2019.

The requirements for additives used in the fuel and their intercompatibility will increase significantly due to the expected fuel diversification. Due to ever longer fuel storage periods, the number of possible fuel/additive combinations in the tank is also increasing. In the worst case, new fuel components, the fuel oil, their respective ageing products, and the additives could interact, potentially leading to plant malfunctions.

The DGMK Research Report 646 "Criteria Catalogue for Additives - Standard Heating Oil EL, Low Sulphur Heating Oil EL and Alternative Heating Oil EL" defines minimum test criteria (No-Harm Criteria), compliance with which should exclude undesirable side effects such as the formation of deposits by additives when used in heating oil burner systems. These test criteria currently only include analytical tests, not practical tests.

In the project, which is funded by the BMWi, an application-oriented no-harm test for additives in fuel oil EL is now to be developed as a supplement to the chemical analyses. 

Research Center:

OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut gGmbH, Herzogenrath