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Picture by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay
12.09.2019 | DGMK-News

"Greenhouse Gas Reduced Energy Sources" Production and Application Properties"

"Greenhouse Gas Reduced Fuels Production and Properties"

Th. Kuchling, A. Awgustow and S. Kureti, Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg

Executive Summary

More than 85 % of the final energy demand in Germany is attributable to the provision of heating and cooling and to transport. Also against the background of a significant reduction in energy demand (increased efficiency, improved building insulation ...) and increasing electrification, hydrocarbon-based products are not only essential for the supply of existing buildings. For some application areas (e.g. aviation, maritime shipping) alternatives are difficult to imagine. In order to achieve the environmental policy goal of an almost greenhouse gas-neutral supply of energy and raw materials by 2050, hydrocarbon-based liquid and gaseous energy sources can and must also make a significant contribution. A prerequisite for this is that the carbon cycles are closed, i.e. that the carbon dioxide released during combustion is absorbed in adequate quantities in the course of fuel production. This article shows the various possibilities for the production of so-called greenhouse gas-reduced fuels and their potential.