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Oleg Krugliak/
25.04.2024 | DGMK-News, Honors and awards

Georg Hunaeus Prize 2024 | Two prizewinners

This year, the Georg Hunaeus Prize will be awarded twice at the DGMK/ÖGEW Spring Conference by Robert Frimpong, Chairman of the DGMK Executive Board.

On the one hand, the prize for young scientists goes to Dr.-Ing. Natalie Schmidt for their outstanding work on the ventilation of large storage tanks for the storage of hydrocarbons.

She completed her doctoral thesis at the non-university research institution CSE Center of Safety Excellence gGmbH. As part of her doctoral thesis, she carried out large-scale experimental work on a 200 m³ storage tank, as well as a large theoretical part. This also included multidimensional flow simulations and phase transitions.
Due to her many years of professional experience in the field of process and plant safety, she has already evaluated many scientific issues from industry. Since 2021, she has been carrying out plant inspections as an expert in immission control law and is responsible for the preparation and evaluation of safety concepts for companies and authorities throughout Germany.

Dr.-Ing. Natalie Schmidt

The Georg Hunaeus Prize is also awarded to Dr. Leandrea Weydt awarded.
Her master's thesis initially dealt with a digestion analog study on the
geothermal rock characterization of Devonian reef complexes in Alberta (Canada), which were of great economic importance in the past due to their large oil and gas deposits. Later in the course of her doctorate, she was able to develop this work into a comprehensive
potential study and long-standing cooperation with the University of Alberta (Canada) as part of the MalVonian project, the results of which have been successfully used by current start-ups and research projects in the Alberta Basin. The main topic of her doctorate, on the other hand, dealt with the characterization of super-hot (>350 °C) geothermal reservoir systems in Mexico (H2020 GEMex project).

Dr. Leandra Weydt

The prize, which is endowed with 5,000 euros each, will be awarded at the DGMK/ÖGEW Spring Conference on May 15, 2024.

The two women will be presenting more on their topics in the following session of the DGMK/ÖGEW Spring Conference:

  • Dr. Weydt - May 15, 2024 in the session "Geoscience"
  • Dr. Schmidt - May 16, 2024 in the session "Production Engineering"