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Oleg Krugliak/
13.09.2021 | DGMK-News, Honours and Awards

Carl-Zerbe Prize for Dr. Thomas Seidensticker from TU Dortmund University

This year's Carl Zerbe Award for young scientists has been decided: Dr. Thomas Seidensticker has been nominated for the award by the DGMK board.

Mr. Seidensticker heads a junior research group at the Department of Technical Chemistry at the TU Dortmund University, where he is working on the functionalization and transformation of biogenic basic materials by means of homogeneous catalysis.

In his work, Mr. Seidensticker deals with the extension and combination of catalytic reaction steps from the petrochemical industry and especially researches their transfer and application to novel substrates from renewable raw materials.

In addition to his outstanding scientific achievements, Mr. Seidensticker is distinguished by his great motivation, excellent technical knowledge, creative ideas and his commitment to teaching.

We are pleased to present Mr. Seidensticker with the 5000 Euro prize at the DGMK General Meeting on November 4, 2021.

Thomas Seidensticker