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Ververidis Vasilis/
16.12.2020 | DGMK News

BIL with over 100 network partners

The Nationwide Information System for Pipeline Research is an important factor in supporting the safety and performance maintenance of pipeline-related infrastructure in Germany. To ensure that pipelines remain protected from external interference, information on the exact location of pipelines is necessary for planning and carrying out construction work in the vicinity of pipelines. BIL enables the construction industry to easily and quickly obtain comprehensive information about the long-distance pipelines of the members participating in BIL via an online portal.

The DGMK Technical Committee on Mineral Oil Pipelines has been supporting BIL's initiative since 2014.

In the meantime, BIL eG, which was founded as a registered cooperative in 2015, has become the leading inquiry portal for line information in Germany:

In December 2020, BIL eG cracked the 100 mark. Currently, 101 companies from all energy supply sectors participate in the central online platform for pipeline research and, with their participation, enable a simple and efficient research process for construction professionals. For this purpose, BIL provides a fully digitalised process in the form of a communication portal and thus makes an important contribution to meeting the security needs of builders and network operators.


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