Normative SCC Rules

Please note the changes in SCC and the conversion to SCC-VAZ 2021.

The present Normative SCC Code of Practice Version 2011 has not been published as a complete set of rules and regulations, as it was previously the case, but has been split up: The set of rules contains the normative documents of the DGMK. The accreditation specifications of the DAkkS are available separately from the DAkkS.

The Normative SCC Code of Practice version 2011 contains the SCC and SCP checklists. These checklists define the requirements for an SHE management system to obtain certification according to SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) or SCP (Safety Certificate Personnel Services Provider). Explanations of special requirements are described in further normative documents.

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Last Change: 18.12.2017

Comments and interpretation guide based on the decision of the DGMK working group Normative SCC Documents:

003 SCC Checklist

006 Accident Statistics

010 Assessment Subs

016 SGU Examination Employees

017 SGU Examination of Executives Accredited Bodies

018 SGU Testing Staff Accredited Bodies

023 SCP Checklist

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006-3 Table, update from 08.02.2022

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Selected documents are available free of charge as excerpts from the SCC standard.

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008 What Has Changed

010 Checklist Assessment of Subs