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Working Group
Materials and Corrosion

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In June 2018, the DGMK Department of Exploration and Production, together with a consortium of German and Austrian E&P companies, storage operators, and IFINKOR, founded the DGMK Working Group Materials and Corrosion.

The semi-annual meetings are to be used to address and discuss current problems and issues concerning materials and corrosion. As permanent members of the working group, representatives of operators of production and storage facilities for hydrocarbons as well as selected experts from the scientific field are invited. If required and in consultation with the permanent members, specialists on specific topics will be invited.

Boris Fergg


Wintershall Dea GmbH

Your Contact to the DGMK Office

Dr. Susanne Kuchling

Head of the Exploration and Production Department

Ines Musekamp

Coordination of Exploration and Production


  • Use of Materials and Combinations of Materials in Underground and Surface Installations and in Storage Operations
  • Mechanical Wear, Tribology, Fatigue, Erosion; in each Case also in Combination with Corrosion
  • Claims
  • Bacteria, Microbial Corrosion
  • Material and Corrosion Testing, Laboratory Analysis, Damage Analysis
  • Corrosion Management: Monitoring, RBI, Online Systems
  • Coatings/Plastics
  • Production Chemistry: Inhibitors, Biocides
  • New Manufacturer Developments, Field Reports
  • Standards, Interpretation of Standards in Operation