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Working Group
Drilling Fluids and Cements

In 2013, a loose association of E&P companies, storage operators, service companies, and universities founded the working group Drilling Fluids and Cements under the umbrella of the DGMK's Exploration and Production Department.

The permanent members of the working group consist of flushing experts from the E&P industry, service companies, and universities from Germany and Austria. If required, guest experts on special topics are invited to the biannual meetings.



The aim of this working group is to deal with questions of modern flushing technology, to enable mutual exchange and thus facilitate the solution of flushing relevant problems.

The basis for this is the functioning network of experts from the service industry, E&P companies, and universities. During the semi-annual meetings, expert lectures on current topics are held and discussed. Open questions are brought into the DGMK joint research.

Workshops on specific topics, such as "Formation Damage" are held at irregular intervals. Interlaboratory tests and a laboratory catalogue enable the participants to carry out additional quality control of the in-house flushing analysis.

Dr. Oliver Czuprat


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Dr. Susanne Kuchling

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