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691 (en)

Technical Committee Analytics

Procedure for the Blending of Fuels from BOB and Ethanol on a Laboratory Scale (EN)

As result of the Biofuels Quota Act, ethanol will gain increasing importance in the coming years as a blending component for gasoline. Blending of ethanol-containingfuels will probably take place not only in refineries, but also in terminals. For this purpose, blend stocks for oxygenate blending (BOB) have to be provided, which meet the specification after the addition of ethanol. There is no standard for BOB. Therefore, a procedure (DGMK-691) has been defined and tested in laboratory investigations, which makes it possible to check BOB with regard to its suitability for the production of ethanol-containing-gasoline prior to its delivery. In this context, the focus was on the parameter vapour pressure. The laboratory results show, that the procedure DGMK-691 renders it possible to produce a fuel from BOB and ethanol which meets the standard, on a laboratory scale.

Jan Ludzay, Günther Pollinger
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