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Technical Committee Automotive Fuels

Microbial contamination of middle distillates - measures for avoidance and remediation

lt was the aim of this work to harmonize the techniques for sampling, analysis and assessment of contaminated middle distillates as weil as regarding the avoidance and remedy strategies.
In the first step of this projeot the current methods for the determination of micro-organisms in fuel were evaluated.

The investigation showed distinctly varying results. Logically the selection was focused on the esta blished procedures IP 385 and Aral-method (FKL 020).
In special tests it was observed that the FKL 020 delivered approximately 10 times higher results com pared to the IP 385. These differences have been considered in the commitment of the guidelines.

The assessment of microbial contamination of middle distillate fuel samples requires the knowledge of the conditions regarding the sampling, the tank and the analytical method.

Periodical draining of the tanks is the most effective and cost saving method to minimise or avoid microbial fouling and spoilage.

U. Behn
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