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Technical Committee Automotive Fuels

Laboratory Test Programme on the Addition of Ethanol to Petrol

As a contribution to the climate protection programme and to CO2 reduction, the European Union has made a commitment to the application of regenerative energy resources as a substitute for fossil fuels. Fatty acid esters are available as biofuel for use in diesel vehicles and bio-ethanol for use in spark ignition engines as regenerative energy resources according to Directive 2003/30/EG. These products are made from regenerative raw materials and are used as blending components. Apart from the reduction of CO2 emissions caused by road traffic, the intentions of the directive are to protect agricultural jobs and to reduce the dependency on imported crude oil.

Problems arise with the increase of vapour pressure, when small amounts of ethanol are added to the fuel; furthermore, there are problems in the logistic chain regarding increased capacities of water absorption. This can result in a separation into two phases and in a change of fuel oil characteristics.

The objective of the present lab test programme is to fully investigate the addition of ethanol to petrol, in order to obtain a broad data basis.

Rudolf Terschek, Jan Ludzay
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