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ISOFAM 2021 Vers. 1.01

Quantity determination and density calculation
according to DIN 51757 and DIN 51650

ISOFAM 2021 provides the following calculation options for mineral oils and related substances:
• Conversion of the density according to DIN 51757 (main menu);
• Calculation of quantities acc. to DIN 51650 (conversions acc. to DIN 51650);
• Calculation of unknown specific values (calculation alpha and K-value).

The following contents are integrated in the help function:
• Operating instructions (manual)
• Glossary of technical terms used
• Overview of density and temperature limits used
• Overview of the substances or goods contained with assignment to the mineral oil group and the customs tariff number

The result reports can be output as a Word file and as a CSV file.

Fischer, Dr. Jürgen
Fischer, Patrick
Mehlkopf, Joachim
Redlich, Dr. Klaus
Thaerichen, Ralf
Wolf, Walter
DIN FAM 2021
German and English
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