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Technical Committee Automotive Fuels

Influences and Parameters of Diesel Fuels with 10 % (v/v) FAME

Within the scope of discussions on the increase of the FAME amount, which may be added to fossil diesel fuel, questions came up, which were examined within this project under participation of the automobile industry and suppliers as well as the mineral oil industry and producers of biodiesel. The objective was to provide scientific/technical data for discussions in the standardisation committee of the FAM for the revision of the standard for diesel fuel. The investigations mainly focussed on diesel fuels with a FAME concentration of 10 % (v/v). The results achieved within this project do not allow any conclusions on concentrations, which have not been investigated. In this project, tests were run on the addition of fuel to engine oil, on the properties of the fuel (seal compatibility, oxidation stability, density, and density of energy, elements) and on the corrosion behaviour of fuels vis-à-vis steel. In addition, information on phosphorus content, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, water content, micro organisms and acidity were reviewed and discussed. The results were included in the discussions of the standardisation committees on the establishment of the national required standard for diesel fuel.

Jens Baumgarten, Thomas Garbe, Jens Haupt, Jan Ludzay, Margret Schmidt, Petra Sorsche
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