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Technical Committee Fuel Oils

Development of a hardware-in-the-loop-test rig to verify the reliability of oil burner pumps - Application by the use of biocide in domestic heating oil

Within this project, a hardware-in-the-loop test rig has been developed to investigate the influence of different fuels on the reliability of oil burner pumps. The test rig is constructed with commercial burner components. One test rig consists of four pump cycles, where the fuel recirculates for max. 2000 h. Low powered electric motors of 90 Watts have been used deliberately, so that the apparatus is more sensitive to failure due to an increase in pump load. A practise relevant intermittent operating mode has been implemented for the simulation of real operation characteristics. The measured variable and evaluation parameters are start-up torque, intake pressure, fuel pump pressure and temperature. Operation failures of oil burner pumps in the field, due to an over-additisation of biocides, have been observed. These failures could be reproducibly simulated on the pump test stands. The results of the project are a redefinition of limits of biocide concentration and the development of new biocides, which are suitable for use in domestic heating oil with a content of up to 20% Fatty-Acid-Methyl-Ester.

Oliver van Rheinberg, Jayadi Lukito, Martin Liska
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