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Technical Committee Fuel Oils

Deposit formation by 5 % FAME blends in premix burner systems

Modern burnersystems for Domestic Heating Oil (DHO) with low emissions use an extensive mixing preparation, which is an important criterion for the quality of the combustion. Changes on the fuel may lead to higher emissions and deposit formation and can furthermore affect the storage stability. Analogous to the fuel sector, a further development of DHO concerning the admixture or substitution by alternative fuels is pursued at the moment. The DIN V 51603-6 “alternative Domestic Heating Oil” defines the requirements of blends of mineral oil based low sulphur Domestic Heating Oil with biogenic and other alternative compounds such as Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME), Vegetable Oil (VO) or Gas to Liquid (GtL) and Biomass to Liquid (BtL). The utilization of burners which are available in the market right now with minor technical modifications is desired. The project aim was to research the practical usage of DHO with an admixture of 5 % (V/V) FAME and 5 % (V/V) VO in oil heating systems. The project was divided into three parts: first the deposit formation and the emissions of stationary oil firing systems were determined in the lab. This was conducted on three different types of burners (blue burner, yellow burner, and rotation evaporator), that are supposedly relevant for today’s stock. Secondly, the effect of the fuel matrix on the deposit forming of idealized droplet evaporation in a crucible furnace was qualified and quantified, to make temperature ranges and layout criterions for burner components available. Thirdly a practical storage of the blends used was conducted which was attended by suitable fuel analysis. Besides the documentation of the ageing state and the correlation to the experiments, the validation of a measuring method for the determination of the oxidation stability was emphasized.

Oliver van Rheinberg, Helma Dirks, Klaus Lucka, Heinrich Köhne
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