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Technical Committee Automotive Fuels

Composition of Gasolines from German Refineries - Winter Grade 2001/2002-

Gasolines are a blend of various hydrocarbons, oxygenates may also be present. In order to judge technical, ecological and toxicological problems with regard to the use of gasolines information about types and content of its components has to be available.
This report summarizes the results of an analysis of gasolines from fourteen German refineries produced in winter 2001 / 2002. The three grades Normal, Super and Super Plus were tested. Specifically the content of 50 hydrocarbons with three to six carbon atoms, 51 aromatic hydrocarbons and three oxygenates was determined. Besides that for paraffinic, naphthenic, olefinic (acyclic and cyclic) and aromatic hydrocarbons the sum of alb, compounds with the same number of carbon atoms was measured. The content of ten olefinic and 15 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons was determined separately. The average and the range between minimum and maximum of the results were determined for the three gasoline grades from the fourteen refineries.
In addition the report contains information about the content of halogens, nitrogen, sulfur, active sulfur and heavy metals.
The results are an update of information provided in DGMK-Forschungsbericht 502 "The composition of gasolines from German refineries" published in 1994.

Hans-Peter Schmiedel
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