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Technical Committee Fuel Oils

Catalogue of Criteria for Additives Light Heating Oil, Standard Light Heating Oil, Low Sulphur Light Heating Oil A Bio

According to DIN 51603-1 and DIN SPEC 51603-6, the use of additives is permissible under certain conditions to improve/ensure the quality of EL heating oil and EL A heating oil. In DGMK project 787 "Revision and consolidation of the no-harm criteria catalogs for additives", the existing minimum test criteria of DGMK research report 646-1 were evaluated according to the new state of the art and updated in the present DGMK research report 646-2. Compliance with the stated specifications is intended to exclude, as far as possible, undesirable side effects of additives when used in EL heating oil. For these minimum test criteria, test methods were selected and examined by laboratories for differentiation capability and manageability. Against the background that some test methods cannot be used for the evaluation of all fuel oil qualities, the defined minimum test criteria vary depending on the fuel oil quality: 6 minimum test criteria were defined for additives to be used in fuel oil EL according to DIN 51603-1. For additives to be used in heating oil EL A Bio according to DIN SPEC 51603-6, 5 minimum test criteria were recommended. The minimum test criteria defined in this report are primarily intended to provide assistance in the selection and application of additives.

Currently, the revision of the DGMK research report 646-2 is in progress.

Karl Fleischhacker, Gabriele Lohmann, Jan Ludzay
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