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(Abstract) Macrophyte-Based Biological Treatment of Effluent from a Petroleum Tank Farm

In petroleum tank farms, oily effluent is obtained from tank drainage and drainage of surface water from open areas (such as pumping units). As an ecological and economic alternative to other effluent treatment methods, a macrophytebased biological treatment plant was operated under practical conditions over a period of three years. The macrophyte-based biological treatment plant, using a combination of reed mace and rushes, is in principle a suitable means of treating such effluent, if corresponding pretreatment stages are installed. During the three-year operating period, a total of 3,700 cubic meters of oily effluent was treated in the macrophyte-based biological treatment plant. The reduction rates for COD, BOD₅, hydrocarbons and other parameters were in the range of 98% and above.

Dr. Bernd-Rüdiger Altmann
Dipl.-Ing. Rüdiger H. Lilie
Dr. Karl-Ernst Nowak
Dr. Volker Schulz-Berendt
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