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28.10.2019 | DGMK-News

SCC and SGU Personnel: Change in Programme

In the course of the amendment of the DAkkS rule concept, DAkkS has announced the withdrawal of the guidance for the accreditation of certification bodies for SCC (DAkkS Rule 71 SD 6 017). In this context, the DGMK was asked about the assumption of the future SCC programme ownership.

Possible effects and alternatives were discussed in detail in the committees of the DGMK. As a result, the DGMK board of directors decided that the role of SCC programme ownership cannot be assumed by the DGMK. As a consequence, DGMK will also withdraw from the role of the (previous) SCC standard setter. This concerns the SCC system area and the SGU personnel area.

What Changes?

In future, all documents relating to SCC/SGU will no longer be managed and published by the DGMK.

The VAZ Verband akkreditierter Zertifizierungsgesellschaften e.V. will assume ownership of the programme. We ask for your understanding that DGMK does not provide information on the status of the programme revision - this is the responsibility of the VAZ.

The documents initially available via DGMK will keep their validity for now. Against the background of the upcoming changes, Normative SCC Code of Practice Version 2011 and SHE Examination Questionnaire 06/2017 are now available as free downloads.