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TU Clausthal
02.07.2021 | Research, Publications

Research report published: Experimental and numerical analysis of the polymer flow process using micromodels

To develop the extension of the highly functional microfluidic technology into a broader technology platform in oil and gas exploration, which was successfully created during DGMK 746/1 and 2, was the goal of the third phase of the DGMK 746 project.

When considering the polymer flooding process, it is necessary to understand the properties of the petroleum, the polymer solution, but also the interaction between the fluids as well as the interactions between fluids with the rock. The approach of using micromodels to study the polymer flooding process offers the possibility to visualize and study in more detail a wide variety of effects that play a role in polymer EOR.

Research Center

Clausthal University of Technology, Institute of Subsurface Energy Systems (ITE)

DGMK-Research Report 746-3 has been published in English and can be ordered now. directly from the DGMK .