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15.08.2022 | DGMK-News, Events

K³/C³ - Defossilizing the Chemical industry

Under this motto, participants from industry and science met in Dresden on 23 & 24 June 2022 to present and discuss current projects and studies.

Tilman Bechthold opened the event in a good mood by pointing out the dual role of carbon in the energy transition: On the one hand in the focus for net zero emissions, on the other hand valuable raw material.

Two days of diverse presentations followed, ranging from basic laboratory work to mature pilot plants looking at different processes within the carbon cycle economy. All accompanied by intense discussions and interested questions, which Session Chairs charmingly and competently accompanied. In a relaxed and open DGMK conference atmosphere, lively discussions and constructive exchanges ensued during the breaks.

In addition to the committed participants and the varied program, the nice surroundings of the Dreikönigkirche and the summery Dresden naturally contributed to the successful event.

Here is the program to read:

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