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06.09.2018 | Research, Publications

Burning Behavior of Petroleum Products with Flashpoint > 55 °C

DGMK Research Report 811 Published

The fire risk in tank farms storing products with a flash point above 55 °C was assessed by measurements on a selection of representative samples. The flash points, lower explosion points, and fire points determined by various methods could be used for this purpose. A minimum distance of 16.5 K between the flash point and the higher fire point was determined. Furthermore, the lower explosion points are a maximum of 8 K below the flash point according to DIN EN ISO 2719.
On the basis of the results, it is concluded that there is no risk of explosion and fire during normal operation of the product groups examined above being stored separately in tank farms and refineries in the north-western part of Europe, provided that the product temperature in the liquid phase does not exceed 40 °C.

811 Burning Behaviour of Petroleum Products with Flashpoint > 55 °C

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