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02.05.2019 | DGMK-News, Honours and Prizes

Call for Proposals DGMK Advancement Award for Young Scientists


1. The DGMK awards the DGMK Prize for Young Scientists for outstanding scientific work by young German scientists (§ 18 para. 4 of the statutes). In the case of awards for work in the fields of exploration, deep drilling technology, and the extraction and storage of oil and gas, the prize is supplemented by the "Georg Hunaeus Prize". In the case of awards for work in the fields of processing and application of mineral oil, natural gas and their derivatives, petrochemistry, as well as the gasification, liquefaction and pyrolysis of coal, and the further processing of the resulting products, the sponsorship prize is awarded the additional "Carl-Zerbe-Prize". As a rule, prize winners should not be older than 35 years when the award is presented. The prize winners are obliged to report on their work during a DGMK event (Georg-Hunaeus lecture or Carl-Zerbe lecture). The lectures will be published in the body of the DGMK.

2. The DGMK Advancement Award for Young Scientists is awarded at unspecified intervals, at most twice a year.

3. The prize consists of a certificate and an amount of money, which is determined by the board of directors.

4. The prize is presented by a member of the board during a conference or general meeting of the DGMK or its departments.

5. The DGMK Advanecment Award for Young Scientists is publicly advertised in the DGMK body. Reasoned proposals for the award can be submitted to the DGMK by anyone. Own applications are possible.

6. The decision on the awarding of the prize is made by the DGMK board on the proposal of the management of the department responsible for the subject. Appropriate experts can be called in.

The DGMK Advancement Award for Young Scientists is a continuation of the former Carl-Zerbe-Prize of the DGMK and the former DVGI Prize for Young Scientists. The DGMK Advancement Award for Young Scientists 2020 is hereby publicly announced. Justified proposals for the award will be submitted by 30 June 2019 to the management of the DGMK:

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