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19.09.2022 | DGMK News, Honors and Awards

Announcement DGMK-Promotion Prize for Young Scientists | Georg-Hunaeus Prize

The DGMK awards the Georg Hunaeus Prize for outstanding scientific work by younger scientists in the fields of: Exploration, deep drilling technology, extraction and storage of energy carriers such as crude oil, natural gas, hydrogen and geothermal use of the deep underground.

The prize is endowed with 5,000 euros and will be awarded at the DGMK Spring Conference 2023, at which the work will also be presented as a Georg Hunaeus Lecture by the prize winner. The lecture will be published in the journal EEK TECHNOLOGY & TRANSFORMATION OF FOSSIL AND GREEN ENERGY SOURCES, the organ of the DGMK.

The DGMK 'Georg-Hunaeus' Award 2023 is hereby publicly announced. Please send reasoned proposals for the award, self-applications are possible, by January 31, 2023 to the management of the DGMK:

DGMK German Society for Sustainable Energy Carriers, Mobility and Carbon Cycles e.V.
Dr. Gesa Netzeband