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DGMK-Forschungsbericht 751

Acoustic Wave Emission for Enhanced Oil Recovery (WAVE.O.R.)


In the project WAVE.O.R the potential of acoustic waves to enhance oil recovery was reviewed. The project focused on laboratory experiments of the oil displacement in sandstone cores under acoustic stimulation. Additionally, the Seismic Prediction While Drilling (SPWD) borehole device prototype was set up for a feasibility field test.

The laboratory experiments showed that, depending on the stimulation frequency, acoustic stimulation allows for an enhanced oil recovery. For single frequency stimulation a mean increase of 3 % pore volumes was observed at distinguished frequencies. A cyclic stimulation, where two of these frequencies were combined, an increase of 5% pore volume was observed.

The SPWD borehole device was tested and adjusted during feasibility tests in the GFZ underground laboratory in the research and education mine “Reiche Zeche” of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and in the GFZ KTB-Deep Laboratory in Windischeschenbach. The first successful test of the device under realistic conditions was performed at the test site „Piana di Toppo“ of the OGS Trieste, Italy.