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Research Committee Greenhouse Gas Reduction

The climate crisis and the energy turnaround it necessitates are the current biggest challenge for society and for the energy sector in particular. 

Against this background, within the DGMK has already launched numerous initiatives with new research projects on the future prospects of liquid energy sources, the development of hydrocarbons from non-fossil sources or the switch to electricity-based energy sources. 

For the further development of future strategies we want about current researchsziele and -to be informed about the results, um to establish a practical reference at an early stage and to avoid duplications. 

 For this purpose, the Research Committee on Greenhouse Gas Reduction was established in the DGMK. 

The task of this interdisciplinary Committee is to provide an overview of current research projects on the reduction of greenhouse gases, dhe Classify projects, assist where appropriate and to develop and implement their own project ideas. 

For this purpose, nIn addition to the members of the board of the DGMK, fuel experts and research managers from the mineral oil industry and the energy sector were appointed to the committee. 

The first project of the committee "Production of greenhouse gas reduced or greenhouse gas neutral gaseous and liquid energy sources and fuels" was completed in 2021, the report is available for free download. 

Production of greenhouse gas-reduced or greenhouse gas-neutral gaseous and liquid energy sources and fuels - DGMK e.V. 


Your Contact to the DGMK Office

Dr. Gesa Netzeband

Executive Director

Chair of the Research Committee

Jens Müller-Belau

Deutsche Shell Holding GmbH