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DGMK-Event / Conversion of Carbon Carriers

Thermochemical Conversion - Key Building Block for Future Energy and Raw Material Systems

Dreikönigskirche in Dresden-Neustadt
Hauptstraße 23, 01097 Dresden-Neustadt

Under the conference topic "Thermochemical Conversion - Key Building Block for Future Energy and Raw Material Supply", the Division of Coal and Biomass Refining of the DGMK is holding its thirteenth conference in Dresden (formerly "Conversion of Biomass and Coal").

Thermochemical conversion processes are often at the beginning of process chains for the energetic and material use of carbonaceous energy raw materials. The focus here is increasingly on material recycling paths that place special demands on the input materials and conversion products. Primary carbon carriers such as biomass and coal are used as well as secondary carbon carriers in the form of residues or waste.

The conference will deal with innovative processes or procedures and plants for the use of these energy resources, in particular by thermochemical conversion techniques and the use of the obtained products in energetic and material subsequent processes.

The main topics are:

  • Potentials, classification and characterisation of primary and secondary carbonaceous energy resources,
  • Fundamentals, technology and operating experience for thermochemical conversion by pyrolysis, hydrogenation, gasification, combustion and related processes,
  • Use of sustainable carbon sources for the production of fuels and raw materials,
  • Further process chain elements such as feedstock and product preparation, gas purification and syntheses, by-product treatment, sampling and measurement technology,
  • Design, accounting, technical, economic, and socio-economic integration and evaluation of processes, process chains and product applications. 

For the first time, the topics of closed carbon cycles and the supply of hydrogen from regeneratively generated electricity will also be addressed.

In collaboration with the Fördergesellschaft Erneuer­bare Energien (FEE e.V.), Berlin, an interesting and varied conference programme was put together.

The conference offers a platform for talks and discussion among experts from industry and science.


The scientific programme is available.

Organisation and Programme Committee

R. Abraham, Bergkamen
Prof. Dr. F. Behrendt, Berlin
Dipl.-Ing. D. Bräkow, Berlin
Dr H. Doloszeski, Hamburg
Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Elsen, Essen
Prof. Dr. B. Epple, Darmstadt
Dr. M. Gräbner, Frankfurt
Dr. S. Krzack, Freiberg
Dr. H.-J. Mühlen, Herne
Dr. M. Specht, Stuttgart

Event Coordinator

Dr. Hedwig Doloszeski

Head of the Coal and Biomass Refining Department

Christa Jenke