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Technical Committee Lubricants

IGF Projects in the Lubricants Sector

Web Conference

On 27 May 2020, the project support committees of the IGF projects in the lubricants sector will meet. The date will be organised as a web conference.

Guests are very welcome. The access data can be requested from


DGMK Project 799 Evaluation of Gear Oils for Mobile and Stationary Drives under Risk of Continuous Wear (20679 N)
DGMK project 796 Calculation Method and Boundary Criteria for the Continuous Wear Behaviour of Grease Lubricated Gears with Regard to Different Material Combinations (19627 N)
DGMK-Project 810 Performance Prediction of Rolling Bearing Greases in Robotic Applications (IGF Project 20170 N)
DGMK project 809 Investigations to determine the distribution of constituents in lubricating greases (IGF project 20867 N)
DGMK Project 775 Grease Relubrication of Roller Bearings at Highest Speeds (IGF Project 18206 N)
DGMK-Project 800 Coolant for the Wet Machining of Fibre Injected Plastic (IGF-Project 20284 N)

The heart of the AiF is the Industrial Collective Research (IGF). It builds a bridge between basic research and economic application. Here, new technologies are prepared for entire branches of industry or often across different branches.

Event Coordinator

Jan Ludzay

Head of the Refining and Product Application Department

Nadine Ludzay

Coordination Refining and Product Application