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DGMK-Event Geo-Energy Systems and Subsurface Technologies

DGMK/THGA-Online Workshop: Post-mining - A question of the future!

10:00 - 14:00


The E&P industry in Germany is in a phase of upheaval: not only must it be anchored in politics and society that natural gas and its storage as well as domestic oil production will continue to play a relevant, albeit declining, role in the coming decades, even in times of climate protection. We also have to demonstrate the environmental compatibility of our activities if we want to maintain acceptance for our industry. This includes dealing with the consequences of exploration and extraction activities at an early stage and involving the relevant social groups.

Against this background, an important goal is to develop a deeper understanding of post-mining processes in raw material extraction operations. In doing so, the knowledge and experience from the various surface and underground sectors of the oil and gas industry must be integrated. Similar kinds of upheaval that the oil and gas industry is facing has been taking place in conventional coal mining in Germany for some time. Consequently, since 2012 the requirements resulting from the end of West German coal mining have been determining the range of courses and research activities at the Georg Agricola University of Technology in Bochum (THGA), which has been closely linked to the development of mining both nationally and internationally for over 200 years. In 2015 the Research Centre for Post-Mining (FZN) was therefore founded at the THGA.


The aim of the online workshop is to achieve a common understanding of the E&P industry about the importance of post-mining in society. Based on this, an integrated understanding of post-mining processes in the oil and gas industry will be developed. How can the future be actively shaped? What are the chances and possibilities?

Short keynote speeches summarise the experiences from other mining sectors. In the workshop, the participants then have the opportunity to exchange ideas and develop the findings individually. Special attention will be paid to the topics of opportunities and possibilities, geomonitoring and stakeholder management.

The draft of a "post-mining issues paper" is to be achieved from the contributions to the discussion.

The workshop is supported by:

Scientific Committee

Frank Holschumacher
Uniper Energy Storage GmbH
Christian Melchers
Georg Agricola University of Technology - Research Center Post-Mining
Peter Goerke-Mallet
Georg Agricola University of Technology - Research Center Post-Mining
Tobias Rudolph
Georg Agricola University of Technology - Research Center Post-Mining
Susanne Kuchling


Welcome and Introduction of the Participants

Keynote Speeches

Post-Mining and Future Tasks

Christian Melchers


Tobias Rudolph

Mining Law & Stakeholders Management

Peter Goerke-Mallet

Post-Mining in Application

Frank Holschumacher

Post-mining in LBEG

Jens from the Oaks

Q&A Session




Closing Words

Event Coordinator

Dr. Susanne Kuchling

Head of the Geo-Energy-Systems and Subsurface Technologies Department

Ines Musekamp

Coordination of the Department Geo-Energy-Systems and Subsurface Technologies